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South Africa calls itself "The World in one Country '.

And that is not just describes the enormous variation in landscapes and nature, but also the colourful cultural diversity of South Africa.

 Flat or undulating agricultural country blends into untouched bush field with vast game parks, here are sandy beaches and there is a spectacular rocky coasts, mountains and mountain chains are lavish spread all over the country and create sharp divisions between the different landscapes and climates.


 Therefore can evergreen rainforest and semi-desert exist unlikely close to each other. 


Every time again you enter a different world.






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Only in Africa does such a wide variety of large wild animals exist.  The South African parks, including Kruger National Park, have a very good infrastructure and facilities.  Animals consider vehicles as being part of the landscape. The guide knows how to respond to game and gives his guests a great deal of background information.  So you can safely and comfortably be a spectator of what is happening spontaneously in the bush.

Here, democracy is still young : it has only existed since 1994. The different peoples were formerly forced by the apartheid regime to live separated from each other. After having existed next to each other for so long, South Africans are now still learning to live with each other. Desmond Tutu called it "The Rainbow Nation ', this fascinating patchwork  of different peoples and cultures.  Despite the tensions of the past, local people are spontaneous, friendly and cordial. Contact, interaction with South Africans is often a heart-warming experience.

 South Africa now has 11 official languages, but most people can speak English. Many white people speak 'Afrikaans', which is actually a variant of Dutch. 

The climate is pleasant. Inland, the summers are warm and sometimes sultry with possible thundershowers. The winters are dry, with cool nights and often mild, sunny days.  In the mountains it can be colder then. The cape has a far different climate; warm, dry summers and colder winters with possible rain. But even here a winter's day can reach 20°C

Summer is in December-January and midwinter in June!

Here, you can eat like at home, and often better. There are also some local specialties.  South Africans love their 'braai'.  That is what we would call a barbecue, but much better. Where ever we come, the food complies to our western standards of quality and hygiene.

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South Africa overland tours with Zafari Tours - Blyde River Canyon





On the 'Itinerary' is an example of a route among the classic highlights of South Africa. You can just as well choose your own itinerary and pace.


This tour is tailor-made. You decide how much time you want to spend on your tour and on each destination.


A recommended length of stay is mentioned for each destination in the ˜Travel Description'. That is how much time we believe one should stay for an optimal experience. But it can be shorter. However, we prefer not, as in many organized tours, to race from destination to destination with one eye on the clock. We believe that you get more quality by staying a bit longer on the places that we visit even if you might then not be able to do the whole of South Africa in one visit. 

South Africa is large with long distances to be covered. In the recommended length of stay', the travel time from the previous destination has been taken into account. There is a lot to see on the road and you will experience many impressions of the country during these journeys.  It can be useful to includea few days for resting and relaxing as well .

The trip starts in Johannesburg (OR Tambo Int. Airport). Most destinations are at a day trips distance from Johannesburg or another major airport. This is mentioned in the travel description as 'connection'.  The journey ends at Johannesburg Airport (OR Tambo) or another major airport in South Africa.

 The order in the travel description and in the examples is a logical one.  Destinations may be at a day trips distance or less from Johannesburg (or another airport), but often further from each other. A Look on the map (homepage) will make that more clear for you. A final itinerary will only be possible when the flight details (arrival and departure time) are known.


South Africa overland tours with Zafari Tours - Kruger National Park


South Africa overland tours with Zafari Tours - Kruger National Park - Impala




These trips are designed for small groups, couples, families, groups of friends¦

More participants means a lower cost per participant, but we will not merge groups without express consent of all concerned.


South Africa overland tours with Zafari Tours - Lesotho




Just like the country and the intent of the trip, the accommodation is varied. Guest House, bungalow, cottage, rondavel (round house with thatched roof), hotel ... from simple to luxurious.

Each couple (or single) will always have their own house, rondavel or room and own bathroom (en suite) unless otherwise stated in tour description.  Clean, freshly washed sheets and towels are provided and there is electricity (except Mkhaya where oil lamps are provided). We are subject to availability at the time of booking. 

Early booking is recommended. 

In the case that a described  accommodation would not be available a similar alternative will be offered.

You prefer to choose  all by yourself where you're staying? ... No problem! you book your own accommodation and hire us as driver / guide. It is best to consult us on the feasibility of the route of your choice.


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You will be transported in comfortable, air-conditioned busses or spacious vehicles (SUV) with all the necessary insurance required (Passenger Liability Insurance).


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